Throughout the years I’ve been honored to work with community-based projects and local nonprofits. Here are just a few that I’ve worked with. Excited for the new projects ahead.

community based Non Profits

I've been lucky to work with some great organizations. With plans to work even more with my community.

To name a few, and with plans to work even more with programs based off helping our city.

"North East Youth and family services"

"Volunteers of America"

"If you could save just one"

"Community Frameworks"

"Lilac City Live"


I'Ve live painted for charity events and face painted at functions for kiddos.

Group Organized Mural Work.

I had the pleasure of orchestrating a collaboration of fellow female artists in town for this painting project at Jazz salon.

It was not only my first time putting a collab job this size together, also my first time crowd funding and raising the money to get the artists paid.

Looking forward to working with more artists, local and from out of town in the years to come, hopeful to bring more and more diversity and color to my city.

Had the pleasure of being a part of one of the largest collab murals for BLM

I was assigned the letter ''C'' In this group project and it will be an everlasting memory and experience I will never forget.

Even with the mural being defaced on the word black (which directly ruined the letter ''C'' I had to make myself go back and repaint it. I am not as happy with the second result of doing a giant portrait but I am proud of myself for going back to paint over the hate.

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Now doing art classes with kids!